Hotel Coatings Transform Lakefront Roof

Wisconsin's Lake Geneva is a premiere playground for city dwellers from Chicago and Milwaukee looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The Harbor Shores Hotel is located right on the lake and prides itself on top-notch views and accommodations. It goes without saying that when the roof areas of the hotel needed an overhaul, a great deal of thought was put into just the right solution.

According to David Welte, president of GreenPROChicago, the Harbor Shores Hotel has both an upper roof and a lower roof that were in need of repair and recoating. "The Harbor Shores Hotel was a unique opportunity for our company because it has two roofs: one that is never seen and one that is seen by more than half of the guests daily," said Welte. The top modified roof was worn and had a few leaks, and it was decided to apply the UNIFLEX white roof coating system to eliminate the leaks, create a renewable and sustainable approach to their building, and reduce their lifetime maintenance costs.

For the lower roof, a sustainable solution was also desired, but a white roof was not quite what the hotel had in mind. "The lower roof is over the restaurant that is attached to the hotel and is seen every day by hotel guests. It was also worn and leaking in a few areas. We were concerned about applying the UNIFLEX system in white because it would detract from the surrounding aesthetics for the guest rooms that overlook the roof area. Instead, we suggested the creation of a 'branding' experience and came up with a mural approach using the UNIFLEX system in various colors," explained Welte.

Welte and his crew not only sustainably renewed the roof, but they also created a unique canvas that markets the hotel and enhances the customer experience. "We used the coating to create a lake, beach, boat, swimming pool, snack shop, and more. These visual effects depict what customers actually see in the surrounding town and on the lake," stated Welte.


Published: CoatingsPro Magazine